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Roblox allows its users to be able to use audio in their place as background, music narration, sound effects, and more. As we know that music is important in game. It can give mood and atmosphere to the game so that we can feel that something happen in the game really happen to us.

Besides, it can also give you energy so that you will be more enthusiastic when playing certain game while listening to the song that you like. By the way, is there any song that you want to use in Roblox? If you like Foster The People and you really want to use their song entitled Pumped Up Kicks, you are able to use that song in Roblox.

Pumped Up Kicks is a song from Foster The People which was released as their debut single in September 2010. Foster The People is an indie pop band group which comes from America. One year after they debuted, this song was entered in their EP Foster The People and also their debut album entitled Torches. This song became the group’s breakthrough hit and it was one of the most popular songs of 2011. You may want to know how this song can be created.

The creation of this song was started when Mark Foster was working as a commercial jingle writer and he tried to wrote and recorded this song. Even though the composition of the song is upbeat musical, but the lyrics describe the homidical thoughts of a troubled youth. Do you like this song and you want to use it in Roblox? You are able to search this song in the audio library of Roblox and you will discover some versions of it as we listed below.

  • Pumped up Kicks Vaporwave Remix. It was uploaded by KarimRouhani

Song ID: 993814179

  • Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks. It was uploaded by Victorious_Freddie

Song ID : 332149004

  • Big Smoke – Extra Dip, and it is Pumped Up Kicks Cover. It was uploaded by Pu1l

Song ID: 939227152

If you want to look for the song in the Library, you need to listen to it one by one. Why? It is done to make sure that you select the right one. As you know that there are some results with different versions. So, listening to it first is very important. If you want to listen it first to preview, you just need to click on Play button which you can find in the lower right of the audio sign.

If you are not able to find the song that you want to listen or the IDs of Foster The People Songs above are not versions that you are looking for, then you are able to upload the one that you want. Remember, if you want to upload an audio, you will have to own enough Robux. Also, never violate the copyright when you upload the song. If so, the song that you uploaded will be deleted.

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