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The oof sound is a death sound in Roblox. Beside oof, the sound of death can be also Uuhhh. It is the sound which plays when a characters dies or resets in-game. The audio file of death sound was uploaded for the first time on June 24, 2009 to the Library as uuhhh.wav. In Roblox community, the Roblox death sound is also a meme. This meme is used to refer to the ridiculous nature of its sound. This oof sound has also been made as instances of people making music or remixes using the audio file. In several instances, the BiggerHead and BigHead are associated with the Death Sound.

You are able to find oof sound file in some websites such as,,, and some other websites. If you like the sound and you want to use it, just download the file. But, if you want to use the sound in your place or game, you are also able to find this sound in Roblox audio library. It is free and the ID of that sound is 604650009.


Before you use this sound, make sure that you listen to the sound first by clicking the Play button in the lower right corner of the sound icon. After you listen to the sound, and that sound is the death sound that you are looking for and you want to use it, then you can use it. This Roblox Oof Sound is very short sound which is about one second and it is used in the MMORPG Roblox. Even though this sound was uploaded in 2009 as we mentioned earlier but this sound came up firstly in the 2005 beta release of Roblox. This sound has remained a staple element in its 10+ year history. This sound triggers when a health of the Humanoid reaches zero, out of base maximum of 100. Because the worlds are crafted mainly by the players, it can be gotten by having the hit boxes which are assigned to the body parts of a Humanoid struck by tools which are purposefully coded to decrease the health like falling into the void of a map, spike traps. The sound effect could be change based on the speed of the humanoid. Players would try to make their characters move as fast as possible in the hopes of hearing the sound effect drastically pitch shifted. As a result of the mixed to negative reception surrounding the Roblox fandom, in late 2016 the death sound mainly became subject to a variety of musical remixes when Youtuber Whimee start uploading a lot of variations of the idea, beginning with Super OOF Land.

Besides sound effect, you are also able to use music in your place if you want. You are able to find the music that you like or music that you want to listen in Roblox Audio Library. If you are not able to find the music that you like, you are able to upload music to Roblox. When you upload music, you will be required to pay for some Robux depending on the length of the music that you upload.

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