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On Roblox, there is Password guessing. It is one of process to get back the Roblox password that has been saved or sent by the computer system. In this case, Roblox password guessing process tries to guess the password repeatedly from data.

Of course, this process is able to help the Roblox players to recover their forgotten password account. But, unfortunately, there are some people who use this password guessing process to hack someone Roblox account so that the Roblox password guessing process is used to get access to accounts that does not belong to the guesser. If the Roblox players can do this process successfully, so they are able to hack someone Roblox account and then steal their Robux or Limited items easily. Even, they are able also to ban its account. Now, password guessing is prohibited by the Guidelines of Roblox Community. So, you are not wonder if there are the users who ban on Roblox after they do the Roblox password guessing. Based on the history, password guessing process becomes an issue which still occurs until now.

For this case, it is very important for you to make and maintain a strong password. Now, we are going to talk about some ways to make and maintain the Roblox password. Let us see those ways in the text below.

  • Firstly, to make and maintain a strong password of Roblox, so your passwords do not contain any easily identifiable information like your name, your birthday or your Roblox username. Besides that, you have to avoid of using some of the most common passwords, such as “password”, “qwerty”, “1234567”, or “roblox123”.
  • The second way, to prevent from the Roblox password guessing, you have to make a long password. In this case, your Roblox passwords must be at least 8 characters long and include numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and special symbols. Remember to avoid making the password, such as “12345678” or abcdefgh.
  • To keep maintain your Roblox password, so please you do not ever share your password Roblox to anyone. Of course, it is very important for you to always keep Roblox password from anyone to prevent the Roblox password guessing or process of hacking.
  • To make and maintain your Roblox password, please do not enter your Roblox login information into any website. Remember that Roblox staff and Roblox games are going to never ask your Roblox password.
  • The next way in maintaining Roblox password, you have to avoid the common words in your Roblox password. The jumble of characters are become the best passwords.
  • You have to keep make your Roblox password unique to With this, so your Roblox account will be protected from the dangerous of PGers if security vulnerability occurs on another website.
  • You have to ensure that you download Roblox from the trusted website.
  • The last way in maintaining Roblox password, you need also to consider about using of password manager. In some case, a typical password manager allows you to create an account to store all your login details for each website which you use separately under one master account.

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