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Today I work hard to make a roblox game with Roblox Studio in order to earn robux much more. Let me take the time to write this article. A guy asked to yesterday “who is the best roblox player ever”?

I always active in so I found some names were mentioned frequently by forum members, namely Egghead, Are92, stealthpilot, Clockwork, waffleboy, Builderman, whoops,Yoshi322, Arthropoda, FLESKJERTA, and JJ5X5. Or you can read my previous post the list of players the most visited.

Do you also know them? Let me know about them by comment!!!

7 Tips to be a Good Roblox Player

Admin want to everyone know and learn how to become a better player in every roblox games. You’ll look humble and popular (have more visits).

1. Practice using control keyboard every day to move more quickly and smoothly, you’ve If you have finger skills, you are rock!!

Master the move WASD and arrow keys, jump = spacebar, zoom in & out using I and O or also you can use mouse scroll. To chat press “/” key.

roblox player 1

2. Play with obstacles. For example try the game rocket launcher passes between spaces and win it. Continue to improve your skill level.

roblox player 3

3. Do the single combat using bare hands with a friend. Learn each fighting skills: attack, defend and retaliate when cornered.

roblox player 2

4. To keep the server running normally, DO NOT LAG! or silent. It will avoid the game crash. If Lags too long, you will look stupid (noob). Isn’t it?

roblox player 4

5. Keeping good respect from each other with be a nice guy.

roblox player 5

6. Helping people. Most people would want to be friends with you who like to help others, friendly and humble.

roblox player 6

7. Collect famous Bloxxer badge by have more KO scores. So be strong at fighting games! Are you a good robloxs fighter?

roblox player 7

Other Tips:

  • You can reduce game LAG if slowly by pressing ESC key, then go to the ‘Game Settings’ and set low the graphic quality by deactivate ‘Auto’.
  • Always follow all roblox guidelines to avoid get reported or banned
  • You able to report someone who make trouble
  • Think twice before using a roblox generator
  • Read the roblox wiki everyday to improve your knowledge

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