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Pumpkin hat is one of items on Roblox catalog. It is also as one of popular items on Roblox. According to the research, there are many people who have this Roblox pumpkin hat. Do you want to own the Roblox pumpkin hat? Actually, there are some Roblox pumpkins hats that you are able to purchase on Roblox catalog. What any Roblox pumpkins hats? Well, today, in this article, we want to discuss about the most popular Roblox pumpkins hats. Let us see those popular Roblox pumpkins hats in the text below.

The first popular Roblox pumpkins hat is Classic Roblox Pumpkin Head which was published by Roblox Corporation on October 5, 2008 to the Roblox catalog. This Classic Roblox Pumpkin Head has all genres. We get information that it is only available during every October. The Classic Roblox Pumpkin Head is only available every October because the month of Halloween usually occurs on October. So, if you do not have this one, and want to purchase the Classic Roblox Pumpkin Head, you have to purchase it on October.

How is cost of Classic Roblox Pumpkin Head? Usually, the cost of Classic Roblox Pumpkin Head is 250 Robux. Based on the research, Classic Roblox Pumpkin has been available for purchase every October consistently since 2008s. Then, since June 29, 2018, this Classic Roblox Pumpkin Head has been purchased 210,169 times. By the way, how is the appearance of Classic Roblox Pumpkin Head? The outer skin of Classic Roblox pumpkin is red with black shading on one half and the inside is an orangish -yellow color.

Another most popular Roblox pumpkins hat is Eerie Pumpkin Head. It was published to Roblox catalog by Roblox Corporation on October 5, 2007. This hat has horror genre. For your information, the Eerie Pumpkin Head is as a gift for the winners of the Spooky Building Contest on October 2007. Based on the research, since June 24, 2018, it has been favorited 14,454 times. If you do not have this one and want to buy it, so you have to buy it when it is available on the Roblox catalog. You can also buy it from the reseller of Eerie Pumpkin Head. For note: the Eerie Pumpkin Head will be limited items on an unknown date. So let us buy it now as soon as. By the way, how is the appearance of Eerie Pumpkin Head? It is like a black pumpkin with a carved face. There is a green light that can be seen from the inside to fit the ‘eerie’ aesthetic. Acoording to the research, Eerie Pumpkin Head has two more affordable variants in the form of Darkseed the Fallen and Blizzaria: The Frozen, which has purple and blue secondary colors respectively.

Talking about this, in fact when you search from your browser, you will also find other Pumpkin hats including Pumpkin Pie Pork Pie, Pumpkin Creep, Pumpkin Samurai and more. Besides that, there is also a group named Pumpkin Hat Owners by Lord_Ghostly. By joining this group, you can share, discuss and ask anything regarding Roblox pumpkin hats.

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