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For those the players of Roblox who are into music, especially rap genre, you might want to add the rap music into your Roblox game. nowadays, this kind of thing is possible to be done. There are a lot of rap songs that you can find to be added to your Roblox game. If you are really love rap, rap battle might be your best option as everything will be full of rap. Before looking for the music ID of Roblox rap battle, it is better for you to know about Roblox rap battle lyrics.

One of the most popular rap battle is called Auto Rap Battle Rappers. This one has Kittyhorrorgamer, 9Shawno, ZaytheproRapper, and Lil Mik featured in it. The rap battle itself was produced by Othleloo_, Sevan & Leloo & Miksevan. Here is the Roblox rap battle lyrics for you.

In the verse 1, Lil Mik takes the time. The artist says something like if you had a slow type, then you would not be a bunk. He got more hits than you, he will get his drunk. He also thanks everyone for that hook and he knows his rhymes fire. However, he wants everyone to not to drink that coke. In the second verse, it is by Zay. First, he asks “Wassup” and introduces himself. Then, he yells something like “Big ish I nap on em” and shouts out the Roblox squad and asks them to dab. The hook is owned by Lil Mik. There are only three things come out from his mouth which are “rap battles”, “nigga”, and “go crazy”. After Lil Mik got his second part, Kitty is goes off in verse 3. She says that Kayla said she want more wins. She claims that she is her girl. Both of them are undefeatable girls and she just dig boys to twirl. Everone gets street cres, every girl is balling, and every boy is an athlete. The last verse which is verse is Shawn’s part. He warns everyone to watch out. All of them are getting rich and everyone is getting mad. Every lyric shows his madness and full of everything to show off. The last part of the rapp battle is taken by Lil Mik again. The hook consists of the same lyrics that only has three things which are “rap battles”, “nigga”, and “go crazy”.

If you are looking for more Roblox rap battle lyrics, you can visit a site named Genius. This one provides any kinds of lyrics of the songs, including the one on Roblox. When you are in the homepage, point out your cursor to the top left of the screen. It is where the search bar is located. just type “Roblox rap battle”, hit the Enter button, and the results will be shown. If you have any questions about the topic, do not hesitate to contact the customer support of Roblox. You are also recommended to interact with the other Roblox users to getthe information.

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