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People who like Roblox so much may be so familiar with shirt and pant for their character. To make their Roblox character become so interesting, they want to change shirt and pant of their character. Actually, it can be done so easily by using Roblox shirt template. Actually, shirt and pant for Roblox can be got in Roblox catalog by purchasing it. But, creating your own Roblox shirt and pant may become a good experience.

How to Use Roblox Shirt Template?

The first step you have to do is downloading Roblox Shirt template here.

Roblox Shirt Template

And more tutorial can be found here.

By using Roblox Shirt Template, you can create your own Roblox Shirt and pant. The template will also help you to create it easily.  Not only make you so easy to create new shirt and pant, it will also allow you to use image editing program that you like the most. It is really make you so easy to get your desired Roblox shirt and pant.

Roblox Template is a media for you to build up your creativity. Some people so enjoy creating shirt and pant for their character in Roblox. So, Roblox template can make you be a 3D graphic artist. So, it is not only good for getting good shirt and pant for your character in Roblox, but it can also improve your creativity.

How to Upload Shirt and Pant

After creating your desired Roblox shirt and pant, then you can go to Develop page. And then, you can click Choose File and click Upload. After doing it, shirt or pant will show up in your wardrobe and you can use it for your character in Roblox. But, you have to remember that Shirt and pant file should be exact dimension which has 585 pixels as its width, and 559 pixels as its tall. Then, you can upload it and use it in Roblox.

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