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On a platform called Youtube, a copyright strike only happens if two conditions are met. The first one is the owner of the content submits a report, possibly with an automated bot. There is o third party reporting, therefore will never be a copyright strike if the owner does not care at all. The second one is the uploaded content is the exact match of the original content, or with very minor distortions that serve the sole purpose of fooling report bots.

Basically, you are able to upload copyrighted content to the platform called Youtube with no chance of the strike as long as either you know the owner does not like to do copyright strikes or it is sufficiently altered.

In fact, Roblox appears to follow the different rules. According to the Dev Forum, only the most petty producers that would bother to take down copyrighted song from the platform, as almost no one will download the music from the platform in place of buying it. However, everyone knows that the music being suddenly removed suggests that it does not matter if the producer does not care. There are a plenty of the songs taken down for copyright reasons, and the reason behind it remains unknown. Some of the possibilities are the connection to the original song and copyright of the remix itself.

If you are looking for the Roblox song ID not copyrighted, here is the list:

  1. Singer: Porter Robinson Madeon

Song: Shelter

Roblox ID: 692875664

  1. Singer: Robyn

Song: Dancing On My Own

Roblox ID: 1243803661


Song: Sad!

Roblox ID:1815812713

  1. Singer: Alan Walker

Song: Faded

Roblox ID: 279463893

  1. Singer: Alan Walker

Song: Alone

Roblox ID: 681903629

  1. Singer: Coyote Kisses

Song: Revive

Roblox ID: 275238458

  1. Singer: Cartoon

Song: On & On

Roblox ID: 603146550

  1. Song: Nightcore Rasputin (Remix)

Roblox ID: 934433777

  1. Song: Caillou Theme Song (Remix)

Roblox ID: 212675193

  1. Song: EDM Remix Yodeling Walmart Kid

Roblox ID: 1613343016

If no one of the Roblox song ID not copyrighted mentioned above is your cup of tea, you can go to Youtube and look for one there. All that you have to do is to type “Roblox ID not copyrighted” as the keyword on the Search bar and you will be able to see the result upon pressing the Enter.

For those who are interested in having one of the Roblox song IDs not copyrighted above featured in your favorite Roblox game, first of all, you need to make sure that your favorite game is available to use the feature to add song. If it is possible, then you can just copy the Roblox ID and paste it there. Do not forget to re-check that the Roblox song ID that you enter is correct. When everything goes perfectly, you will be able to hear the song while playing the game. For details information about this feature, do not forget to visit the official website of Roblox.

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