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Spray Paint is one of gears that you are able to find and buy in Roblox. This gear is created by Roblox and the price of it is R$ 350. This gear is categorized into a Town and City genre and by this gear, you are able to spray paint your favorite decals all over the place.

This gear has been favorited more than 13k times and for your information this gear is allowed you to use inside your game plus earn R$ 35 when it is bought from your game page. This Roblox Spray Paint has an interface Graphical User Interface, or we call it as GUI, and it has a label adding a feature which comes with it. You are able to find two types of Graphical User Interface, the core and custom made. You need to know that you are not able to edit the core GUI whereas you are able to edit the custom-made GUI.

Spray Paint is used in Roblox to imply the desired decals for the games structures. For your information, it is basic. This Spray Paint gear provides an experience which is artistic to all who want to try it. So, that’s why the social gear is the favorited of a lot of players in Roblox.

Now, you may want to know the codes and ID list of Roblox Spray Paint. So, here we have some lists of it. Panda Disc in his Youtube video shares some Decal IDs for Spray  Paint and here they are.

  • 134079000 for Doge
  • 57764564 for Happy Zombie
  • 12345383 for Party Hat
  • 9876543 for Blue Dude
  • 123474111 for Monster Energy
  • 1234560 for Upside Down Dude
  • 30117799 for Welcome To Hell
  • 409739014 for A Place
  • 1234538 for Random Girl
  • 1234566 for I Luv Ponies

Based on the site How To Ctrl, there are also Roblox PS4 Spray Paint Codes and IDs that you can try to use. And here they are.

  • 80373024 for Roblox Logo
  • 9876543 for Blue Dude
  • 80514443 for Girl
  • 136931266 for Dragon
  • 51812595 for Spongebob Street Graffiti
  • 1234562 for Universe
  • 473973374 for Drake
  • 6013360 for Bang!
  • 7713420 for People On The Beach
  • 73737627 for Sword Pack
  • 75076726 for Halo Helmet
  • 394647608 for Twitter Bird
  • 46059313 for Pikachu
  • 12347538 for Super Sonic
  • 76543210 for Annoying Orange
  • 69711222 for Target and Destroy

You may want to know how to be able to find and use the Roblox Paint Codes. To do that, the first thing that you can do is going to the Roblox Library. From the grey and white square, you can choose Decals. Then, you have to type a subject that you want in the search bar and choose the design that you like from the list. Now, you can click on the Get button which is in the green color right side of the design that you choose. At last, you are able to copy the code from the upper search bar.

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