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The ROBLOX games testing site is a website used by ROBLOX Corporation to test the potential renewal levels of the ROBLOX game. Usually when ROBLOX accesses the testing site it gives the whole system announcement to be placed on the main Roblox test site with the link page to the test site and Unlike a regular site, any assets that a user may have while playing on a test site can be deleted at any time, and all the progress The test site will not switch to the main site page. These sites are usually partially or completely non-playable. Features, such as purchasing Builders Club, cutters, ROBUX or playing games are usually no longer available in that game.

List of testing sites

Test Site Description Current Player Access This testing site displayed the 2012 version of ROBLOX and was used to test future game updates, such as the Mega Place feature. Note that the www. in front of is required.

In February 2016 the site was updated to test the new R15Animation. In March or April 2016 “exact time unknown” this site was updated to have no tickets in it.

This site’s forum posts are not moderated.

You (as of 22:14 on the 4th of June 2016 GMT) cannot play any games on this test website. The Games page does not display any games as of yet.

This Site’s trade system is currently broken.

Upgrading In March or April 2016 (exact time unknown) this site was updated to have no tickets in it. Upgrading This test site is typically for testing new game features. And this Unlike other test websites, this site has no community or forums or comments to enable. Currency trading reactivated.

In March or April 2016 (exact time unknown) this site was updated to have no Tickets in it.

Upgrading This testing website is considered unplayable and is thought to be a web site for tests performed by the Roblox test site game administrator. On this site, players can not play games on this site, and SSL errors occur when someone tries to register an account they own. However, when this gametest site reappears anyone can create an account, but can only be done through Facebook login account.

In March of 2016 this site was updated to have no tickets in it.

Upgrading In this website pages players can not play games on this website, but this time, you can create an account on ROBLOX without getting error on SSL. It is speculated that this is also the website used by ROBLOX administrators at headquarters and this testing site is partially combined with the sitetest three

In April or May 2016 this site was updated to have no tickets in it.

Upgrading No specific tests are known to have been performed on this site No The alert url test for Google has been performed; opened for users for a few hours. No This website was partially merged with gametest5. No This test site was used to test out the economy of ROBLOX. This process For approximately 2 hours requires that every user entering the site receive 100,000 to spend on the site. And then further tests are performed after this test where the user receives 1,000,000 Inaccessible

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