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Actually, it is not very important to know the IP address of someone in Roblox except if you have something to do with it. Usually, a player wants to know the IP address of someone in Roblox to find out where the location of him/ her.

The reason of finding she/ he can be various. One of cases is because bullying. So, there is a Roblox player who is bullied by another Roblox player and the friend of person who is bullied want to know the IP address of the person who bullies her friend to find out where the location of him is.

We are not able to see where he is from the username only. But, we need the IP address of him so that we will know where he is. In the forum of V3rmillion, there are some threads about it. One of the threads is Roblox Game IP Finder. Based on that thread, you are able to find the IP address by using Wireshark Legacy. However, some people try to use it and they say that it does not work. But, you can try it to prove it can work for you or not.

In another source, to be able to find out a Robox IP address of someone, you are able to do that by using Roblox Studio. Here are the steps.

  • First, you have to open Roblox Studio.
  • Next, in the Roblox Studio, you have to choose “Workspace” from the drop down menu on the right to be able to access the variables of the level.
  • Now, you have to locate the folder named “Script” and then open it by clicking on it. If you do this, it will open the code of this game world.
  • After that, you need to insert the codes below.

game.ChildAdded:connect(function(child) if child:IsA(“NetworkServer”) then child.IncommingConnection:connect(function(IP, replicator)“StringValue”, workspace).Name = IP print(IP) end) end)

This portion of the code will record the IP address of other Roblox players when they get into your game.

  • Now, you can save your changes.
  • You need to host a server with your game and then you have to wait for another player to join. The IP addresses of characters will appear as text on your screen whenever another player joins the game.

But, you need to know that even though you are able to find the IP address of other Roblox players, this activity can make you banned from Roblox. So, if there is no benefits that you will get from this activity, it is better for you not to do this because it can risk you.

If you need more information about Roblox username to Roblox IP address, you are able to find it in other resources. Also, joining a forum or group can help you to find information about it. If you join a forum, you are able to discuss about it with other Roblox players. You can give what you know and get what you need there. So, thank you for reading this and good luck!

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