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War is usually related to military. In Roblox, military groups are groups who engage in wars and battles with other groups and most of the largest groups have bases of forts that may be attacked by other groups. It regularly hold activities in which members of the group can participate.

In the list below, we have the list of military or war groups on Roblox. These groups are great and have a large number of members. So, it seems that in 2020, these war groups will still have a large number of members and even maybe they will be more awesome. So, check the war groups below.

  • Largest Military

LMHolder is the one who created this group. Currently, if you check this group on Roblox, the members are more than one million people. When this article was being created the number of the group member is 1,123,099 people. This is the largest military group on Roblox and also one of the biggest groups overall on Roblox. It is a modern military clan group that is popular  due to win a lot of raids and wars. In December 2018, the group was re-founded by doeke. The games of this group are [Largest Military] Recruitment Center,  [Largest Military] Sword Base, and [Largest Military] Holo Magic.

In the store section of the group, you are able to find several items that they sell including pants for R$ 5, shirt for R$ 5, Small Donation for R$ 160, Medium Donation for R$ 500, Crusaders Pants for R$ 5, Large Donation for R$ 1,000, Pants for R$ 5, and Army Sweater for R$ 771. In the description section, you are able to read that a rich history defines them but their future shines ahead of them. In addition, it is written that a slumbering dragon is about to wake. So, you can be a part of their future and you can try to enlist today!

  • US Military 1940’s

This group was created by ErichModel. Now, if you go to Roblox and check this group, the number of members reach more than 775k people. This is an awesome number for the number of group members. In the description section, you are able to read that you are able to enlist into the US Military and work your way through the ranks from the perspective of a conscripted soldier in the second world war all the way up to a distinguished officer. In this group, you are able to engage yourself in the history of the second world war today. The games made by this group are Normandy_Released, MonteBaldo_Released, ParadeGrounds_Released, FortBragg_SourceRelease, and FortBragg_CurrentRelease.

Those are two military or war groups which seems that will be more awesome in 2020. So, if you like these groups, you are able to join the groups and of course you have to play the games that they have. Feel the military world and war situation on the game. You also can invite your friends to play the games and meet your friends in the same server.

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