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Roblox web API is the name of the application programming interface for either a web server or a web browser. This one is the web development concept, usually limited to the client side of the web application, including any web frameworks being use, and thus usually does not include web server or browser implementation details such as SAPIs or APIs unless publicly accessible by the remote web application.

The server side web API van be described as the programmatic interface consisting of one or more publicly exposed endpoints to the defined request response message system, usually expressed in Json or XML, that is exposed through the web, mostly by means of the HTTP based web server.

There are two kinds of web APIs. The first one is versioned APIs. As the addition to the general Roblox API available on and documented at, there are some sites that provide documented and versioned static endpoints. Here is the list of versioned APIs:

  1.  AbTesting API: This one endpoints for the A/B Testing framework.
  2. Abuse API: This one is temporarily offline.
  3. AccountSettings API: All endpoints for account and user settings.
  4. Ads API: This one is ads configuration endpoints.
  5. Asset delivery API: This one serves asset content.
  6. Authentication API: All endpoints that tamper with authentication sessions.
  7. Badges API: This endpoints for badges and badge awards management.
  8. Billing API: this one is real money transactions and interaction.
  9. Captcha API: This one is Captcha Api Site.
  10. Catalog API: This one is catalog items browsing and searching. Content and user based catalog items recommendations.
  11. Discussions API
  12. CdnProviders API
  13. Chat API: All chat and party related endpoints.
  14. ClientSettings API: This one is used by various Roblox clients to retrieve configuration information.
  15. ClientSettings (CDN) API: This one is used by various Roblox clients to retrieve configuration information.
  16. Contacts API: This one contacts and userTag management.
  17. Develop API: This one is game development configuration endpoints.
  18. Discussions API
  19. Economy API: This one endpoints related to transactions and currency.
  20. Engagement Payouts API: This one is temporarily offline.
  21. Followings API: This one establishes follow relationship between subscriber entities such as users, groups, and so on and source entities such as games, groups, assets, and so on.
  22. Friends API: Friends, followers, and contacts management.
  23. Game internationalization API: This one manages internationalization of games such as translating in game content.
  24.  GameJoin API: All endpoints around launching a game.
  25. Etc.

The second one is unversioned APIs. This one relates to the Catalog API. Aside from that, there are some Roblox API that maintained by someone like Matthew Dean. Here are some of the Roblxo web APIs maintained by him:, (all endpoints for account or user settings), (ads configuration endpoints), (miscellaneous endpoints),,, (endpoints relating to the customization of player avatars), (endpoints for badges and badge awards management), and many more.

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