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One of the most age-old questions when it comes to gaming is whether it is better to play a game in a full screen or using a Windowed mode. Some will quickly give a firm “always play in full screen mode for better experience” as an answer. Period. There is no buts or what ifs. Truth is, the answer is not as simple as that. We must take into account the nature of each game – not all games are created equal and alike. The only similarity that all games on the face of the planet have is the fact that they are all unique. That’s it. The proper answer to such simple question heavily depends the setups, specific hardware used, and many more – which is greatly varied from one game to another. The same can be said to Roblox windowed mode.

There are too many variables involved in it, which makes giving a solid and one-fits-all answer almost impossible. But when we only talk about Roblox, the pursuit of an answer is not too difficult. So does playing Roblox windowed mode significantly increases the game performance? Or, increase the gaming experience maybe? Are there differences between playing Roblox in a windowed mode and in full screen mode? Does playing Roblox in full screen mode means a significant fps boost? How do I play Roblox in Windowed mode? Keep reading to find out the answers to all of these questions.

The short answer when it comes to the game performance really depends on the resolution. If, when you are playing, the resolution of your Roblox game is similar to that of your desktop resolution, you are advised to play in Full Screen mode as it’s proven to be slighty faster. However, if after inspection you find out that the resolution of your desktop isn’t your game resolution, playing Roblox in Roblox windowed mode is the most clever decision.

But how do I play Roblox in a Windowed mode? I am sure a few of you have the same question. While back in the day playing the game in a Windowed mode was as easy as turning one hand over (just kidding, it was more on the line of making your Roblox game fullscreen to the point you were unable to see your taskbar and the tapping the right button on your mouse until it brought you to restore, checked out the in-game settings and turning the fullscreen option off), but these days, there are times when that does not work at all. Worse, sometimes it kicks us out of the game and our screen turns that dreading black, blank page. When this happesn, you may simply go to your Roblox Studio, head over to the tools section and just lower your graphics to make it more compatible with your graphics card. Once you have finished lowering your graphics, your Roblox will instantly start working again. Another option is, if you encounter page respond loss, you may simply press alt+F4. If that’s still not working, uninstall, wait for a few minutes before installing.

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