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Robux Planet is the name of one of the most favorite Roblox generators. This one gives you the opportunity to produce any amount of Robux completely at no cost. Are you curious how does it work? Keep reading the article and do not miss a single thing.

In order to get Robux for free on Roblox Planet, the first thing that you have to do is to open the official website of Roblox Planet. Apparently, you will not allowed to enter the site before you enter your Roblox username. So, please type your Roblox account title. This username will be the username that will claim your rewards. As this one is quite sensitive, please put your username well. You might not allowed to go to the next step if you put the wrong username. In this case, please re-type your username if you get it wrong. Just re-try until you get it right. When the Roblox username that you put is right, then you can clcik the “Continue to RobloxPlanet” button.

There are 4 stages of earning Robux on Roblox Planet. The first one is “Offerwall 1”. In this stage, you have to install some things such as Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy, Betternet VPN Prxy, Coloring2, and so on. The second one is “Offerwall 2”. In this step, there is a thing called “AdGate”. This one makes you possible to get the free credit on your favorite game or your favorite website. Please select the interesting offer and follow the steps to get the free credit. The third one is “Watch & Earn”. The fourth one is “Claim Robux”.

Is Roblox Planet legit? The answer to the question is yes, as claimed by Roblox Planet. If you are curious and want to prove it by yourself, go try it now. you can also ask the members of Roblox online communities about this kind of thing.

How does it work? How do you get paid in Roblox Planet? As explained on FAQ, you will get paid by group funds. It means that the system will just gather the funds of the group and not spend its own funds. Fortunately, you do not need BC to get the Robux.

What if you did not get your Robux? There is a big chance that you not complete the offer successfully. When you encounter this thing, first of all, look at the Claim Robux page. if you are able to see yourself on the list of the recent completions but did not get the R$ in your balance, please contact the customer support of Roblox Planet as soon as possible. if you cannot see your name on the list, it means that the offer was not registered as completed by the offer provider. You have to keep in mind that you cannot do the same offer multiple times on the same device or IP address.

If you need a help, you can join the discord through the “Discord” button that is located on the top right and get the support member to help you by typing !support in the #support channel!

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