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In Roblox catalog, we are able to buy any items that we want. Those items can be used to customize the avatar so that it looks like what we want. Items in Roblox includes shirts, pants, hat, antlers, necklace, bracelet, hair and many other accessories. The items also have genres. For example, if you want to customize your avatar to look like anime character, you are able to find items which categorized into it.

You may want to look rich, you can also be like that by buying items which show that you are rich such as bling bling items. Then, maybe you want to have funny image. If so, you are able to buy items which is categorized into comedy genres. One of comedy items that you are able to buy is Rubber Duckie. Have you seen it? If you like know LandonRB_YT, you will know that he created a group named Teh #Ducksquad. And maybe you like the duck that he used so you are able to buy Rubber Duckie.

Rubber Duckie is a hat and this item was launched in the catalog by Roblox on March 27, 2009. This item has no known original price and went limited on an unknown date. Until February 11, 2017, this item has been bought 37,674 times with 32,000 times being favorited. For your information, this item is the first item in the Epic Duck Series. If you check this item in the catalog, you will be able to see that Rubber Duckie is sold for R$ 2,200 and it is categorized into Limited item.The duck is yellow with orange beak and a pair of black eyes. If you want to buy this item, make sure that you have enough Robux.

In the paragraph above, we mentioned that Rubber Duckie is the first item in the Epic Duck Series. Then, what else? There is another item of this series. What is it? It is The Evil Duck. It is also a hat and it has launched to the catalog by Roblox on March 29, 2011. At first, it could be bought for 1 ticket and achieved 116,257 sales before it went offsale. For your information, this item is a retexture of the Rubber Duckie. It has also spawned the same as Evil versions of accessories and gear that are themed around the Rubber Duckie.

This item was made by VeryCoolMe for his place Evil Duck Tycoon!. The design of it was later used to make the Evil Duck hat by Roblox. The appearance of this Evil Duck is black with orange beak and a pair of red eyes. Besides, it has also a pair of red horns and and a pair of canines which comes out from its beak. Unfortunately, this item now is not available anymore so that you are not able to buy this. It is because this item is only available from March 29, 2011 to June 27, 2012. But for Rubber Duckie, you are still able to buy it.

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