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Shadelight refers to a dark place with no light and vile creatures. As said by Chuck_Lloyd, this one is so dark to the point you are able to only see a certain distance before you see pitch black. Even though it is a very dark place, Chuck has said to see certain things in his dreams depending on the keys activities or their property. The one called Chuck has said to have seen Ulifer dragging two bodies, a mansion (presumable Terroah’s), and a man with a golden cloak, golden mask, and a sword.

These followings are the characters in Shadelight along with their Shadelight codes:

  1. Chuck Llyod is the name of the myth associated with the thing called the Roblox’s Myth shadelight Investigation. The man is most notable for his extreme involvement in the investigation, as Shadelight is his own game. Furthermroe about Chuck Llyid, he was the war veteran. The man had a wife called Sandra and a daughter called Louyen. When Chuck Llyod got back from the war they were both dead or killed by Chuck. In the end, Chuck kept the body of Sandra which is in the attic. The code of Chuck Llyod for the door is Sorrow. The main reason behind it is because he feels grief for his wife and the death of Louyen. As for his statue code, it is Darkness Incarnate.
  2. FatherGrimm is known as the abusive caretaker of the Nursery Myths. However, the man wanted to protect his children so he turned them into Nursery Rhymes along with the White Demon. A thing called SolomonGrundee was taken by Ulifer and is currently in the game of Ulifer entitled “Lost” and OldKingKoal is in hands of Terroah. For your information, the rest of the Nursery Myths are all in Shadelight. For those who want to get the Father to trust you, you must do some things such as finding SolomonGrundee, finding OldKingKoal, and finding the rest of the Nursery Children. Love is the code of FatehrGrimm. It is because even though he is an abusive caretaker he still loves his children and wants to protect them. As for his statue code, the code is A Darkness in the Light.
  3. Ulifer is known as the French asylum escapee and child rapist or molester. This man seems to have kidnapped SolomonGrundee. Aside from that, he also seems to be smarter then the rest as he is angered more easily. Anger is the code of Ulifer because he is angered easily then the rest of the Shadelight myths. As for his statue code, the code is currently unknown.
  4. Terroah is known as the content creator for kids. This man is currently in hold of OldKingKoal. It is said that the main is a dead man because he said he does not have any lungs. If you want to get his key, you must watch all 60 episodes of the Terroah Show. Fear is the code of Terroah,  even though he cannot feel fear as he is dead. As for his statue code, the code is currently unknown.
  5. Masqueraze is known as the organized person. This man has some hobbies such as art, dancing, and music. If you want to get his key, you must get invited to his Masquerade by answering his questions. Due to his certain hobbies such as art, music, and so on, the code of Masqueraze is Wisdom. As for his statue code, the code is currently unknown.

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