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Silverthorn Antlers is known as the term to call the one of the hat accessories on Roblox. This one was created by Roblox on March 27th, 2009. For those who do not know, the item is the re-texture of Wanwood Antlers and is counted as the part of the Antler(s) series. Apparently, this thing is only available to be purchased when the official sales are active for 250 Robux with a timer. As of June 7, 2018, it has been favorited more than 37,000 times and has been purchased 153,750 times.

Silverthorn Antlers is so popular to the point it brought back in certain sales. Normally, it is said that they come on sale each Black Friday because the most of the players vote for them in the Black Friday survey. If you are curious, here is the chronological order of it.

1. Silverthorn Antlers was brought back on sale November 23rd, 2012 at 1:20 AM (CST). Several days after that, which was on Sunday, November 25h, 2012, it went back to off sale.

2. This item went on sale again. It was during the Black Friday Sale which was on November 29, 2013.

3. This item also went back on the sale on the Roblox 2015 Memorial Day Sale. It was on May 22rd, 2015 for the exact. Unfortunately, it was not longer. At that time, it costed 400 Robux.

4. This item went back to the line again during the Midnight Summer Sale which was on June 20th, 2015. Just like the third one, it was also just an hour. The price of it was 250 Robux.

5. This item went on sale for the fifth times during the Roblox Endless Summer Camp Out livestream on Twitch right after 9:00 PM ET. 2050 Robux was the cost of it.

6. This item went on sale again during the 2016 President’s Day Sale on February 13rd to 14th, 2016. It was for 250 Robux.

7. This item went on sale again on September 5th, 2016 during the 2916 Labor Day. the price of it was 250 Robux.

8. Etc.

Do you want to know about what Silverthorn Antlers looks like? So, how is the appearance of it? According to Wikia, Silverthorn Antler consists of a pair of antlers with the silver color scheme. Each antler has a main branch once every side and two smaller branches extending off of them.

If you want to more about Silverthorn Antlers, here are some trivia about it. First, there is the new version of this hat which was released on August 11th, 2016. The new one is called “BIG: Silverthorn Antlers”. This item is only designed to fit Bighead and Biggerhead. The second one is about the existence of the slight remodel of those antlers with the regular size. This one is available as the chaser code from Roblox Toys which is also can be called as Frozen Antlers of Everfrost. The third one is about where it is placed. You can take a note that Silverthorn Antlers and its BIG version are the only items of Silverthorn that can be found in the catalog, unless the Frozen Everfrost version is also taken into the account.

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