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There are lots of Roblox players who also become the Youtubers. Some of them are Ronald and Karina Roblox. If you like watching gameplay of Roblox games on Youtube, maybe you will be familiar with Sis vs Bro channel. It is a channel of pits older sister Karina aka GamerGirl with her younger brother RonaldOMG.

If you check on their Youtube channel, you are able to see that Sister vs Bro channel was created on March 3rd, 2016. Currently, Sis vs Bro channel has 7,249,043 subscribers. By the way, do you ever visit Sis vs Bro channel? If you never visit it and are curious with their channel, so you are able to visit Sis vs Bro channel now.

On Sis vs Bro channel, there are many video that was published by them. Besides upload the gameplay of Roblox, usually, they also upload video including challenges, slime, vlogs, house/room tours, mystery wheel, routines and some others. There is one of video entitled ‘Gummy vs Real’. That video becomes one of their most watched over the course of 2017. To know other video on Sis vs Bro channel, we suggest you to go to that channel directly.

Now, let us find out about Ronald and Karina. Based on the research, Ronald was born on September 5th, 2008 in Canada. He is one of Roblox player who becomes popular on YouTube. Currently, he has 1,877,872 subscribers. Besides playing the game of Roblox, Ronald also plays Minecraft. He uploaded his first video on YouTube in February 2016 entitled ‘Mineraft: Bloodiest Night – Kids learning how to play Survival Mode’. Then, one of his most watched videos is ‘Part of a Murder Mystery Roblox’. For the latest videos which he uploaded on RonaldOMG channel are ‘Panda Team Leader tries hard for a Victory Royale on Livestream‘ and ‘The Clutchy Kills’. There are some popular videos such as ‘How to Escape the Giant Fat Guy Obby’ with 10 million views, ‘Basement Door Almost Opened’ 16 million views, ‘Creepy Person Up at 3 am’ with 7 million views ‘Escape From the Office Obby’ with 9.5 million views, and many others.

Then, how is about Karina? You have to know that her real name Karina Calor. She is the older sister of RonaldOMG. Karina was born in Canada on March 23rd, 2007. She has a YouTube account named GamerGirl. Currently, she has 2,495,308 subscribers. Same with her young brother, Karina also upload the gameplay of Roblox and Minecraft game. On her channel, you are able to see that there are lots of video. Some her videos are ‘Neon Fashion Show’, ‘Cut By a Ghost’, ‘Dodging Mountain Boulders’, ‘Best hider in the world’, ‘Who can jump the highest’, ‘Design your costume challenge’, ‘Jumping on Rainbow Spinners’, ‘Jumping over laser beams’, ‘Karina escapes the flood’, ‘Becoming a Vet for Unicorns’, ‘Scary Ghost Chases Us Out of Our House at 3am’, ‘Becoming the amazing hulk’, ‘Going on 1st class Airplane and many more.

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