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A lot of people like playing games in Roblox. It happens not without reasons. Roblox has millions games that you are able to play and also awesome features that you are able to use such as chatting, customizing avatar, uploading audio, creating games, selling items, and some more others. All these features makes people like coming to this online gaming platform and even the number of users of Roblox increase again and again from time to time.

Now, Roblox is very popular. Along with its popularity, there are some Roblox users who also become popular. How can it happen? It can happen because they are able to make a fun games in Roblox. Badimo, creator of Jailbreak; Coeptus, creator of Welcome to Bloxburg; alexnewtron, creator of MeepCity; Dued1, creator of Work at a Pizza Place; and Defaultio, creator of Lumber Tycoon 2 are some of Roblox games creators who are popular. You are able to find their games in the Popular section in the Games menu of Roblox. Not only them, there are also Roblox users who are popular because they create video about Roblox in Youtube.

The contents of the video are various. There are videos about how to cheat/ exploit in Roblox games, showing the gameplay of certain games, showing funny things when they play certain games in Roblox and many other ways. Flamingo, Denis, Poke, DanTDM, Thinknoodles, GamingWithKev, ronaldOMG, and GamerGirl are several of Roblox users who are popular because they create Youtube content about Roblox. Well, talk about Roblox users who create content about Roblox, there is a youtuber named VuxVUx who also create content about Roblox. In his Youtube channel, there are various videos about Roblox including Becoming The Strongest Player in Roblox, Anime Guy Stops the Dark Side of Roblox, Spider-Girl Defeats Roblox Rulebreakers, Trolling My Crush With Roblox Items, Sneaking Into My Neighbors Roblox and many others.

There is a video entitled Spying On My Sister In Roblox. You may have heard about this video and you want to watch it. The content of this video is fun and many people like it. Viewers say that this video is funny and entertaining. So, if you think that you need something that make you laugh, this video can be one of your choices. This video has been watched more than 3.1 million times with more than 31,000 likes. If you have never watched this video, you may be curious what about it is. In the video, you will see there are two avatars who talk and then one of them is missing all of sudden. Then, he look at a girl and try to follow her without being noticed by her. There are dialogues among the characters and the voice of them sounds very funny. Then, he discovers a group of people and try to talk with them. After that, you will see that he is tied by a rope and the rope is connected to a girl who also is tied with that rope. Next, he purchases a luxury car which is a game pass and it costs R$ 250. Then, what happen next? Watch the video now!

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