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Roblox offers a wide variety of games. You are able to play fighting, sports, town and city, medieval, naval, military, sci-fi, RPG and even horror. If you like playing fighting and RPG games, Boxing Simulator seems suitable for you.

Boxing Simulator 2 is created by Senor Parlus in August 17, 2017 and it updated on October 26, 2017. Per server, this game is able to be played by 30 maximum people. Until now, this game has been visited for more than 115 million times. Besides, it has more than 800,000 favorites and more than 173,000 likes. In this game, you have to train your muscles to be huge and power. And then, you are able to take it all out in the Royal Rumble, a Boxer on Boxer free for all action packed tournament.

In the description of the game, it is told that you have to rejoin the game every 45 minutes or so to force save your data so that you are able to avoid data loss. For now, you are not able to rebirth unless you are super big. However, in the future, there will be a Rebirth Level system where the more you rebirth, the stronger you are. If you have bought a Muscle Boost spam lift so you are able to get strong, you have to remember that Muscle Boost only lasts for 20 seconds. For this game, there is only one pass including Double Weight! [50% Off sale] which is R$ 150.

Talk about Boxing Simulator, there is a video about this game that you can watch. The name of the video is the same as the title of this article. You are able to search in the search box in Youtube. This video, which was published on October 18, 2017, can be watched in Youtube and the name of the channel is FGTeeV. It is fun to watch him playing Boxing Simulator games while giving some comments. A lot of people like watching his video. Until now, this video has reached more than 15 million viewers and he has 8.3 million subscribers.

If you have never watched this video, you are able to try to watch the video so that you will know how fun playing Boxing Simulator. Then, if you do not want to miss any video of him, you are able to subscribe his channel. It is known that he has joined Youtube channel since May 23, 2013. Until now, he has reached more than 8 billion views. The latest videos that he uploaded are Baby Nina is Real? Slendrina Taco at r House + Granny Extra Dark & FGTEEV plays Toca Boca Boo, Hello Neighbor is a Kid! Hide n Seek 4 Player Basement Escape Game, Slendrina Chickens! Secret Rooms + Slouchdrina Defeated, and Granny Monster Squishes FGTEEV Amazing Frog. Okay, that’s all about Boxing Simulator. You are able to watch the video of FGTEEV now and then play the games in Roblox after that. Hopefully this article is informative for you, happy watching and happy playing!

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