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The Wanwood Crown is known as one of the hats in the Roblox Catalog. This item was published for the first time through the Roblox Catalog on April 16, 2009. Some time later, this thing was awarded to the creators of the ten most visited places entered the Worlds of Wood Building Contest. The item named Wanwood Crown is counted as the limited item since May 2010. As of May 28, 2017, this item has been favorited 5,104 times. If you want to know more about it, do not skip a thing.

As stated on the previous paragraph, The Wanwood Crown is included as one of the rarest items on Roblox. Besides, this item is also considered as one of the most expensive limited rare in the fifth place. As of July 9, it is stated that there are only six copies of the item that still available with only three of them are on the accounts of Builders Club.

Just like any other items, the Wanwood Crown is worth it. but do you know how much does it worth? According to the Wikia, this hat has a RAP of 546,791 Robux and an estimated trading value of 2,100,000. In the past, it used to be 2,300,000. It is such a good thing as it rose up to 200,000. If you are wondering about the current value of this item, please check it by visiting the official website of Rbx. Rock.

How does The Wanwood Crown look like? As stated on Wikia, it is the re-texture of the Golden Crown. If you want to know more about the details, it is better for you to check it out by yourself. In order to do it, please open the Roblox Catalog. The page will inform every detail of the item of Roblox. To find out The Wanwood Crown on Roblox Catalog, the first thing that you need to do is to open Roblox Catalog. Once you are in the homepage, you need to log in to get the better access. In fact, you can access the information about the item without having to sign in first. However, as stated before, you are recommended to sign in for the better access. you will see the Search bar in the center top of the page. All the things that you have done is to type “The Wanwood Crown” before pressing the Enter button so the result will be shown.

Apparently, the result will just give the general information about The Wanwood Crown. If you want to know the details of it, you have to click on the item. In the detail, you will see that the type of the item is accessory or hat. in the genre category, it is medieval. In the description, it is spring and fall. For those who have a plan to purchase this item, you can get one by spending R$333,333,333,333,333. Just click the buy button and complete the rest of the purchasing process well.

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