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If you have played games in Roblox for a long time, you may be familiar with the term of Obby. But, if you are new in Roblox, this term seems strange for you. Okay, we are going to explain what obby is. Obby is a common type of game in Roblox in which players have to pass through different obstacles to win the game.

In the final of the obstacle course, a “Winner’s Room” contained some different tools. Navigation enhancers like paths are the most common thing to see. Combat tools and/ or drivable vehicles like plans may also be available. This is commonplace for winners to abuse the tools by attacking players who are trying to complete the course or to aid them to win the course by permitting them to the area of the winner.

Obstacle courses are able to be easily created by any player with Roblox even having a game template for players to make their own obby. Creators of obstacle course have been known to be spammed and/or flammed because of their abuse of free models. In several special occasions, obbies may have obstacles in which players need to answer questions correctly by using the chat to proceed within the obstacle course. There are some obstacles which occur in the majority of the obstacle course. Those include Tightropes, Lava Jumps/Checkers, Mazes, Platform Jumps, A very long path, Laser Jumps, Pit Jumping, Choose a Path, Pick a Door, Ball jumps, Truss Climbing, Wheels,Moving lava, Speed Paths, Slide, Rock Climbing and Tree Jumps. How about tools? There are some of the most common tools at a Winner’s Room including Paths, Ice Shard, Superjump, Ball Paths and Teleport.

Well, talk about Obby, in Youtube, you are able to find a video entitled This Obby Will Get You Free Robux Without Password. This video was created by LightningBoyPlayz on August 16, 2017. The duration of the video is 5 minutes 45 seconds. You are able to watch the video and to see the proof whether the game really gives robux or not. If so, you are able to play the same game so that you will get Robux as well. Until this article was written, this video has been watched for more than 2,2 million times with 54,000 likes and 6,1000 dislikes. This account is known to join Youtube since April 14, 2016 and has more than 2,9 million views in total.

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