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If you like everything about military, you surely like playing military games. In Roblox, you are able to find some military games such as Military Warfare Tycoon, Military Simulator, Two Player Military Tycoon: Legacy and many more. You may also want to join military groups so that now you need to know about the top military groups in Roblox.

If we talk about groups in Roblox, you are able to find so many of them. Then, if we talk about the top of them, we may be able to see it based on the number of members. If a group has a lot of members, it can mean that the group is very awesome. In the list below, we have some top military groups in Roblox based on any sources and you can try to join one of them, some of them or even all of them.

  • Largest Military

LMHolder creates this group and the members are now more than one million people. This is the largest military group on Roblox and also one of the biggest groups overall on Roblox. It is a modern military clan group that is popular  due to win a lot of raids and wars. In December 2018, the group was re-founded by doeke. The games of this group are [Largest Military] Recruitment Center,  [Largest Military] Sword Base, and [Largest Military] Holo Magic. In the store section of the group, you are able to find several items that they sell including pants for R$ 5, shirt for R$ 5, Small Donation for R$ 160, Medium Donation for R$ 500, Crusaders Pants for R$ 5, Large Donation for R$ 1,000, Pants for R$ 5, and Army Sweater for R$ 771.

  •  US Military 1940’s

US Military 1940’s was created by ErichModel and currently the members of this group are more than 715,000 people. In the store section, you are able to buy the items that they sell including M41 Officer Tunic, Standard M41 Tunic, Officer Class B Top, Standard M41 Bottoms, Enlisted Class B Top, Enlisted Class B Pants, Officer Class A Pants, Officer Class A Top, Officer Class B Pants, Enlisted Class A Top and Enlisted Class A Pants.

  • Robloxian Military [RM]

SCP504 creates this group and the members of this group now are more than 64,000.This group was founded on April 28th, 2013 and as you are able to see in the description section that the basic standards of the members are loyalty to the Republic, modesty regarding station such as respecting higher ranks, wearing the uniform when on duty, honesty and integrity.

These three groups are some of the top groups in Roblox. It is proven by the number of the members of each group which can reach to sixty thousand even to one million members. Actually, there are still more other top military groups that you are able to find and join in Roblox such as Dark Royal Military, Building & Military Roleplay Fan Group, United States Military 1960, The Pony Military and many others.

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