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In Roblox, you are able to find a lot of simulator games. One of them is Dinosaur Simulator which was created by ChickenEngineer. This game is categorized into RPG games and was created three years ago on March 19, 2015 and the last update was on October, 14, 2018. Roblox users can play this game with 16 maximum players. This game can said as a successful games. As you can see until now this game has been visited more than 114 million times with more than 700,000 favorites and more than 241,000 likes.

In this game, there are game passes that you are able to buy including Albino T.Rex Skin for R$ 15, 50% Less Hunger/ Thirst Deduction for R$ 50, Scarred TRex Skin for R$ 25, Kaiju Spinosaurus Skin R$ 50, Icicle Styracosaurus for R$ 3, Riot Shield Triceratops Skin for R$ 400, Egg Skins! for R$ 150, More Eggs for R$ 405, and Classic Skins for R$ 450. A number of badges will make you more excited in playing this game. Those game badges are Survive One Day (Carnivore), Survive Five Days (Carnivore), Survive Ten Days (Carnivore), Survive One Day (Herbivore), Survive Five Days (Herbivore), Survive Ten Days (Herbivore), Survive One Day (Omnivore), Survive Five Days (Omnivore), and Survive Ten Days (Omnivore).

Talk about this game, there is Totem Terror Albertosaurus. It is a limited event skin which was released during the art contest event. It won 2nd place winner of the art contest in the Spring/ Summer of 2017. This dinosaur somewhat is the same with a type of voodoo symbol. This dinosaur is holding a wooden club with red bands and diamond patterns that is slams on the ground with its AOE attack. How about its design? It is brown with white feet, white bands on its tail, white claws, and also white antlers/ tree branches/ fog. This dino has brown eyes with a red beaded necklace and black locks with rad braids. Then, it has a red beaded belt around its body with other tools like a white strap with black items with a tattooed body and white banded arms. It holds a wooden club with red patterns on it as its weapon to attack. It is categorized into carnivore and classified into Terrestrial. The cost is 5,000 DNA (Limited). Its height is 20 FT FT, its length is 50 FT FT and its weight is 13600 LBS LBS.

Well, talk about Totem Terror Albertosaurus, you are able to watch a video which shows about this dino. The title of the video is Roblox Dinosaur Simulator Totem Terror Albertosaurus and you can find this video in Youtube. This video was uploaded by Relieved Dimetrodon on May 19, 2017. Until now, this video has been watched more than 3,000 times with 12 likes and 1 dislike. In the video, you are able to see the Totem Terror Albertosaurus is walking around. This dino looks cool with appearance that we have mentioned before. If you are curious, you are able to watch now.

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