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Wearedevs is a website which provides hack/ exploit tools. In this website, there are a lot of exploit tools that you are able to download and those are free. Now, for exploit, you are able to find JJSploit v4, Gravity Switch, Multiple RBX Games, Proxo, Infinite Jump, ESP, RedBoy, Skisploit, Nonsense Diamond, Sk8r, Future, Impact, Noclip, Cyka Reborn, Juno Reborn, Slurp, Clicker Series, Apoc Infin Ammo, Banwave Bypass, JJSploit v3, and Blackout. How about tools? There are DLL Injector, TunnelBear, WinRar, Extreme Injector, Check Cashed, Lagswitch, Shutdown Timer, NOPDE Engine, Notepad, Memory Edit Class, Exploit API, and Exploit APIv2. You are able to download those tools for free.

In Wearedevs, there is usually something called Wearedevs Oblivion. The word Oblivion is known as one of the popular exploits for Roblox. Many users like this exploit and several of the others want to try this exploit. If you are counted as one of people who have the interest in Roblox Oblivion and want to try the exploit. Unfortunately, for now you are not able to get that in Wearedevs. If you try to search this in your browser and then you find one in the website of wearedevs, then you will find it is error. If you need this, you are able to find it in other websites such as dllme.com. You can go to the website and get the Roblox Oblivion now.

When you are in the homepage, you must move your cursor to the right side of the page and then find the search bar. It is the fastest way to look for the result. You can type “Oblivion” before you press the Enter button. Then, there will be one result coming up. Then, you are able to click on the blue Download Oblivition.dll button after you read the details of the file. After that, the process of downloading will begin once you click the button. If the Oblivion has been downloaded, the first thing that you need to do is to discover the file on your folder and then extract it. When it is extracted, you are able to leave it for a while and then open Roblox. Then, what should we do? You need to go back to the Oblivion file and then right click on the file. Now, click “Run as Admin”. And then, you need to inject the exploit to Roblox by hitting the Inject button. If it is done, you can enjoy everything.

You are able to type “cmds” to see the commands, “credits” to see the credits an (p) = player, (#) = number. There are various for different commands to have fun. Several of them are to sparkle the character, to fire the character, to big fire the character, “Ws me 79”, “Cmds” and many more. You are able to type anything that you want to do. The thing that you need is to type the command and click the Send button or hit the Enter button and it will work.

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