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Murder Mystery 2 or MM2 is the name of the game on Roblox that was created by the developer named Nikilis on January 18, 2014. Since the first time its release, this game has been played 12,388 times, has been favorited 6,940,936 times, and has been visited more than 2.0B times.

In the game, the innocents have to run and hide from the murderer. In order to expose the murderer, they can use their detective skills. Aside from the innocents, there is also a sheriff. The sheriff has to work with the innocents. This one is the only one with a weapon who is able to take down the murderer. Then, what can the murderer do? The main task of the murderer is to eliminate everyone. Another thing to keep in mind is to not get shot by the sheriff.

In Murder Mystery 2, there are some types of weapon. The first one is Ancient Weapons. Ancient Weapons are quite new tier of weapons added in by the creator of the game along with the Christmas Event 2016. Every of them is relative to the worth of the classic weapon. Ancient Weapons include Batwing, Nik’s Scythe, and Icewing. The second one is Legendary Weapons. Legendary Weapons are the name of the red rated items in the game that are some of the rarest weapons in the game. they are somewhat difficult to get. Those include Blue Elite, Plasmite, Overseer (Knife), Splash, Fade, Fusion, Shiny, Viper, Predator, Universe, Green Fire, Sparkle, Overseer (Gun), Midight, Emerald, Rupture, Web, Green Elite, Tree, JD, Cotton Candy, Elite, Scratch (Blue Variant), Ginger and Run. The third one is Vintage Weapons. Vintage Weapons or Classic Weapons were used to be obtained through data of the original Murder Mystery 1. Those are the original items in the game and cannot be salvaged. Some of them are Cowboy, Phaser, Laser, Golden, America, Splitter, Ghost, Prince, Shadow, and Blood. The fourth one is Rare Weapons. According to Wiki, Rare Weapons are green rated items to get in the game. They are somewhat harder to get from crates, even though not as difficult as the legendary ones. Rare Weapons include Rainbow, Space, Galaxy, Krypto, Spectrum, Nova, Vortex, Korblox, Squire, Abstract, Musical, Black, Purple, Imbued, Galactic, iRevolver, Hacker, Ace, Bacon, Molten, Damp, Nether, Spitfire, Mummy, Jack, Ginger, Cane, Bats, Orange Marble, Gingerbread, Magma, Snowy, Icicles, Vamprire, and Toxic.

What do you do with a tier in the game called Murder Mystery 2? All the tier in Murder Mystery 2 are able to be used to eliminate players in the game. For more information about it, it is better for you to join the community of Murder Mystery 2 and discuss with the members of the community about the function of the tier. Aside from that, you can also try to get in touch with the creator of the game through his social media account. Do not hesitate to get in touch with him.

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