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In the Roblox games, you can create your own virtual world and made your own game in the platform. As we know that the Roblox games can be made with the Roblox Studio Program that using the certain tools and programs. Roblox also can be downloading for free in any devices, such as: Android iOS, Oculus, Xbox and the Amazon devices. In the year of 2016, there are over than 30 million of active user. So this is the best game platform that very suit for the beginner game creator as well.

Some peoples may be get curious when was Roblox created for the very first time before become very popular like this time. Roblox has been created by the founder and Co-founder named David Baszucki and Erick Cessel in 2004. This is the year when was Roblox made. The name Roblox had been derived from the word of “robot” and “block” that had been launched in the beta version on the same year. This is becomes the begin history of when was Roblox made as well.

In the year of 2006, the currency in the Roblox Points ad been replaced with Robux. During the year of 2006-2007, the Robux had added some features that including of, message system, searching system and customize your own avatar. The first Roblox badge had released on December, 22 , 2006 . On March 2007, Roblox suit with COPPA with the additional safety chatting and change the limit user under 1 years old to communicate with choose the predefined message from menu. On August, 2007, Roblox had made the Builders club for the premium member.

On the year 2011, more than 5,4 million games which made by the users. The first Roblox conference that known as the Roblox was be heldon first August in year of 2011. When talking about the when did Roblox come out, it would be around the year of 2005-2006. On December, 2012, this is the time when was Roblox released in iOS version from the games. On April, 2012, Roblox ever been hacked and the hacker get the access to the moderators account to make them see the unproper pictures. But the administrators can over whole off system again.

On December, 2013, the animation plug in had released for the very first time. The users able to inout the basic humanoids through the studio interface. On October, 2013, Roblox had released the Developers Exchange. This feature makes the users able to exchange their Robux into USD. The requirements to use this program are the minimum limit of 100.000 Robux and the member of Builder Club. You also need have the Paypal valid account as well.

The Robux or Roblox dollar is the official currency for Roblox game. They can use for customize avatar, purchase the materials, tools, or special skills in the game. You can get or buy the Robux in certain requirements.

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