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To some, Roblox may be a tad strange in their ears, but to others who know what it is and what it offers may roll their eyes so far back in total disbelief. If you have not heard of Roblox, let alone played it, you truly have been missing out. If you do not know what Roblox is, you need to, and the fact that you are still reading this article is a good start because we are shortly going to introduce you to everything you should know about Roblox and when was Roblox made.

Roblox is a community-created online and social gaming platform. If that seems a mouthful and rather confusing, picture a lego-like game in which a player is given the freedom and opportunity to build whatever they please – because essentially, that is exactly what Roblox is. Unlike other online gaming platforms which worry many parents, Roblox is deemed more appropriate and safe to children – giving parents everywhere a great peace of mind. This is possible due to Roblox’s serious commitment in creating a safe and child-friendly gaming environment – not only is it safe, the educational values that Roblox has is one of the advantages that many parents find valuable. Roblox, in a way, inspires children everywhere to start learning the basics of computer engineering in order to progress on the game as they should know how to code to be able to build their own game. So when was Roblox created? This is one of the most asked questions as everyone, even its avid players, cannot seem to get a straight answer. In order to get the answer for yourself, let’s all first take a look at the long history of Roblox, from its first inception, infancy, up until to when it was released to the public.

In 1989, Erik Cassel and David Baszucki written a program for educational purposes that was referred to as Interactive Physics and in the span of a year after it was first released, those who had bought their program soon practiced and made various games – giving both Cassel and Baszucki an idea of their own, however the idea couldn’t be made due to the lack of 3D multiplayer technology to support their game. Only then in 1997 did the Roblox prototype can be built under the name of DynaBlocks and later in 1999, the Roblox official meeting was first held. So when did Roblox come out? The beta version of Roblox came out in 2004 right after its alpha testing had finished, which was then followed with Baszucki’s own two games in the platform: “Spasmotron2 vs Wimpotron2” on the 31st of July and “Child on Skateboard” on the 5th of November.

However 2004 was not the year Roblox was made open to the public as it was still a beta version that needed a few tweaks and testings,when was Roblox released was actually not until much later. The official Roblox website was released to the public on the 21st June of 2006.

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