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Player points were the name of the non-usable currency on the bigegst platform to play games called Roblox. This one was generally intended to display skill. The players could earn this one while playing particular games that supported Roblox player points using scripts, usually by winning a round or completing an achievement.

Originally, the Roblox player points were displayed on the profiles of the users and there was a leaderboard page that rank players and clans by the amount of player or clan points. Unfortunately, some people abused the Roblox player point system by creating places that world give users big amounts of free Roblox player points.

Apparently, Roblox player points have been removed. In November 2017, the sections called All Time and, alter on, the Today, were removed. The event caused some confusion among users. On June 14, 2018, all mention of Roblox player points on the official website of Roblox that were removed, essentially deprecating Roblox player points. However, the players of Roblox may still see themselves earning Roblox player points in certain games as the feature was not fully removed internally.

Why did Roblox remove player points? There reason of player points removal remains unknown. As there is no exact reason, some players started to assume things. It is said that the All Time player points leaderboard and Daily leaderboard were the ones that were most useful. Everyone could use it to easily gouge who had been playing the most that day, and also to gouge the all time largest of strongest term players in the games. The players think that that Roblox removed All Time due to server issues or something. Another possible reason of player points removal is the developers want to rethink a different approach with scores. It has been known that player points were originally a complicated method of giving players a global point score across the site based on providing the player counts of the game. The first attempt ultimately failed. Some players think Roblox is moving on to the different parts of the API to the moment, and player points are not high on their agenda.

If you are still curious about the removal of player points, please join the community of Roblox and lurk around. One of the best forums is called DevEx. This one is provided by Roblox so it is likely to be the official forum relating to Roblox. There, you will be able to find a lot of posts, including the ones regarding player points. Please log in to the forum using your Roblox account before joining the discussion. Aside from that, it is better for you to join the discussion and talk about the possibility of the reason. If no one of them give you the satisfied answer, you can try asking the topic by yourself. You are able to get in touch with Roblox by sending an email or by filling in the form that can be found on the official website of Roblox.

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