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There are a lot of games in this world, one of them is Roblox, this game can be played by you wherever you are, there is that when playing Roblox, there are some common symptoms encountered, such as Browser that they use can not play Roblox . Player is directed to install Roblox even after they do it by repeating the same way. Roblox studio broke down and could not connect to the online game they were playing, what exactly happened in a situation like this? Maybe one of the reasons is Roblox is still running while installing while the file is corrupted and the firewall prevents Roblox from getting started, then what should you do? You can try each step one by one in sequence if one solution does not work you can try another alternative.

1. the first is by rebooting on your device, you can try it now after finished reading this paper until the end.
2. Next is the second step you can reset the options on the internet for Windows there are some players find that there are many problems Roblox and Roblox studio can be solved by resetting internet options on their respective computers, but you will fix many problems even For other players using a similar browser such as Firefox Chrome or Safari and other messengers.

Okay we immediately try it in the Internet Explorer browser that is in each of your devices, you can open it now while viewing this article.

1. first open Internet Explorer
2. next step open tool icon then You search internet option, You can see it in top right corner,
3. then you open the Advanced tab that is in the option
4. then your fourth step Click the reset button, this will cause the browser As in the start mode.

Then the most important thing in this reinstallation process is to delete temporary files that exist in your respective browser this will help the corruption problems that may arise by your browser, for assistance in this process you can delete your temporary internet files and Cookies stored on your computer.

Then the next step you should check the firewall, there are many antivirus software or internet security that try to control which programs can access the internet. This program is usually programmed in deafult no programs are allowed to access it and this is a blockage.

Then you can also update your browser to the latest version. And if this way has not solved the problem, you can discuss with friends who play Roblox, With discussion your problem will be resolved quickly, game play is very fun, Hope this article can help you In solving the problem you are facing now, Thank you for reading this article until the last paragraph. You can also share this article to social media or to friends who are having trouble playing Roblox on their device. I am apparently going to continue drinking the coffee I made earlier, and resumed my usual activity. Hopefully you can play Roblox now after reading this article, Keep the spirit of friends, never give up troubleshooting.

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