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Yutashu code is the code to get the Yutashu. What is Yutashu itself? How is the code? How to get the code? There might be a lot of questions floating on your head. In order to find out the answers to the questions, please keep reading this article.

According to a web called Amino, the Yutashu are known as the skin of the Troodon. This kind of thing can hide well in the dark areas. Some peole think that they look awesome, scary, and adorable at the same time. What is the Troodon itself? Troodon comes from a game known as Dinosaur Simulator. The name Troodon is to call the light grey with the bird like head that has two very big eyes. This kind of creature has a blinking animation and two white stripes behind them. furthermore, it has the bird like hands and wings along with the tallfin of the pennaceous feathers. the snout or beak, hands and feet of it are gyeyish brown color. basically, it looks so much like a small bird.

For those who are looking for Yutashu code, here are some for you:

  • 060515 Twitter Ornithomimus
  • 060398 Avimimus Dodo
  •  115454 Chickenosaurus
  •  092316 Electric Pteranodon

You can unlocke the first code via Twitter code “060515. To use the other ones, the first thing that you have to do is to click on Prmo Codes button which is located in the main menu. Then, copy and paste the code from the list to the next box. The next thing that you have to do is to click “redeem” to enter the confirm. When it is done, you can enjoy the new skin of dinosaur.

For further information about Yutashu code, you can visit the official website of Roblox and the official page of Dinosaur Simulator on Wikia. Two of them are the best sources that you can get. If it is not enough for you, you can join the online community of Dinosaur Simulator and ask anything you want to know. In addition, you may also want to call the Customer Support of Roblox to get know about it more.

This following paragraph is the information about Dinosaur Simulator. Dinosaur Simulator is one of the most favorite games on Roblox. This one was created by the developer named Chichken Engineer on March 19, 2015. The community of this game is growing. it can be understood as the game itself is so fun to play. by playing the game, you will be able to live as one of the most amazing animals to walk the earth. In the game, there are some interesting things to do, including trying to avoid the disasters, predators, and starvation. Aside from that, forming packs or herds to boost your chance of survival, grow old and raise hatching of your own also can be fun. It is really recommended and you will not find a single boring thing on the game. so, when will you play the game?

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