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The splitup of the national quota can be done on 1983 or any other up-to-date yardstick, so that hard cases can be dealt with.
There is to be a splitup between the two companies about which is to get which piece of generating capacity and which is not.
It is useful and very necessary to have this information in order to know something of the splitup in the country.
They obviously can plead desertion if the splitup has been accepted, however reluctantly by both parties, as the only solution to incompatibility.
After a marriage splitup, the income of most men improves compared to when the couple were living together.
One has tried in the past to bring these bodies together in order to have one system covering more people than under the present splitup system.
How will that particular larger unit be valued in its splitup form unless a proper valuation is made of the unit after it has been split up?
The aim is to see that, on a splitup of a marriage, a wife is provided with a reasonable share of the property which her husband has acquired.
To me, the important arguments are, first, that there is—not will be, but is—a splitup of a most valuable and important research team which will undoubtedly prejudice research effort.
They agreed that if we had a splitup in any way, the property would revert to me on that day that happened.
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(someone who has) a natural ability to be good at something, especially without being taught

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