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supplement /”sʌplimənt/ danh từ phần bổ sung, phần phụ thêm tờ phụ trương, bàn phụ lục (toán học) góc phụ ngoại động từ bổ sung, phụ thêm vào
bổ sungphần phụsupplement of an angle: phần phụ của một gócsupplement of an arc: phần phụ của một cungLĩnh vực: xây dựngphần bổ sungmeaning supplementbổ nghĩasupplement airkhông khí dự trữsupplement keyboardbàn phím phụsupplement of an arcphần (phụ) của một cungsupplement of anglegóc phụcung cấplive-stock supplement: sự cung cấp nguyên liệu gia súcđáp ứngkho cung cấpkho dự trữtiếp tếlive-stock supplement: sự tiếp tế gia súc cho nhà máy thịtviệc cung cấpviệc tiếp tếcolour supplementphụ trang màu (trên tạp chí….)family income supplementkhoản bổ sung thu nhập gia đìnhfamily income supplementphụ cấp cho thu nhập gia đìnhrepayment supplementphụ khoản tiền hoàn trảsalary supplementlương bổ sungsalary supplementsự bổ sung lươngsingle supplementtăng phí đơnspouse supplementphụ phí người hôn phốisupplement food supervisionthực phẩm bổ sungsystem for supplement of credit standingchế độ bổ sung tín dụng


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Từ điển Collocation

supplement noun

1 sth that is added

ADJ. useful, valuable | colour (= a colour magazine that comes with most weekend papers in Britain), magazine, special, Sunday Our special supplement is packed with inspirational ideas for healthy and glamorous hair. | dietary, food, mineral, nutritional, vitamin

VERB + SUPPLEMENT provide (sb/sth with) | add The farmer adds a supplement to the horse”s feed. | take, use (sth as) I take a vitamin supplement every day. You can use these books as supplements to the basic English course.

PREP. ~ to This document is a supplement to the main report.

2 extra amount of money

ADJ. $100, £50, etc. A balcony is available for a £20 supplement. | flight, single room If you want to travel on a different day a flight supplement is payable. | earnings-related, means-tested means-tested supplements to the basic pension

VERB + SUPPLEMENT add, charge We charge a small supplement for this service. | carry, have Weekend flights carry a supplement. | pay

SUPPLEMENT + VERB be payable

PREP. at a ~ Single rooms are available at a supplement. | ~ for a $20 supplement for each extra night | ~ on There is a supplement on rooms with a sea view.

Từ điển WordNet



add as a supplement to what seems insufficient

supplement your diet

serve as a supplement to

Vitamins supplemented his meager diet

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

supplements|supplemented|supplementingsyn.: augment complete fortify increase reinforce

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